What is cPanel?

cPanel is an award-winning and easy-to-use graphical control panel. cPanel offers an intuitive way for you to manage your websites, files, databases, email and more from within your Linux Hosting account! While cPanel is very popular among novice users, even website experts enjoy its ease-of-use and advance features like FTP usage.


cPanel features

cPanel is loaded with features to make website owners' lives easier. Some of the features included with your cPanel account include:

  • Softaculous - One of the most popular, and most used, features in your Freedom Host cPanel account is Softaculous. This user-friendly solution makes it particularly easy to install software to your web hosting account. You can install the web's most popular software to your account including WordPress, Drupal, Joomla, Magento, OpenCart and many more!
  • Server Rewind Backups - This is a Freedom Host exclusive cPanel feature. Server Rewind backups is your protection against mistakes and hardware failure. With Server Rewind, you'll see a list of the last 30-days. You can select any of those days to restore your account back to the state found on that date. You can recover your entire account, a database or just a single file.
  • File Manager - Easily access all of your account's directories, images and files. Use the File Manager to add a folder as well as perform a number of actions on your files including copy, upload, delete, download, restore, rename and edit! Use the Disk Usage feature and you'll never have to wonder how much space you have remaining on your account!
  • Domains - Manage all of your domains within cPanel. cPanel's interface makes it easy! Just some of the domain management features you'll find include force HTTPS redirects, create an email address for the domain, use cPanel's Site Publisher to design a new website, edit your site's redirects and create/edit zone files.
  • Email - Create and manage all of the email associated with your account directly within cPanel! You can allocate a specific percentage of disk space for each account and keep track of how much space each address is using. You can also check each email account from within cPanel. You can setup new passwords for each email address whenever necessary.
  • Databases - You don't have to be a system admin or web developer to be able to manage your databases. cPanel offers a number of options to help you credit, update, edit and delete your databases.
  • Statistics - Keep track of all the activity occurring on your account and your websites with built-in features like Awstats, Analog stats and Webalizer! 
  • SSH & FTP - Looking for an easy and secure way to transfer files to your hosting account. Setting up your FTP or SSH connections are a breeze within cPanel!



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